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Paradise Royale Trail Work Event

Paradise Royale Trail Work RSVPs

Dear Fellow Mountain Bikers, and Trail Enthusiasts,

I realize it’s still a month until our September 26, 27, and 28 Paradise Royale trail event, but we’re trying to get a head count so the trail build leaders have an idea of how to parse the work, and RCMBA needs to know how much food and drink to bring for the barbecue Saturday afternoon.

If you are already planning on joining us for the trail work on Saturday, September 27, and for the post trail work barbecue and swag raffle, we will be eternally grateful if you RSVP to with an e-mail indicating how many in your party.

If you are still not sure, please send us an e-mail when you decide you don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

There will be a last call within the final week before the event.

Thank you very much.

See you on the road and on the trails.


Arcata Forest Management Committee Meeting

Many thanks to all who got up to speak on behalf of the mountain bike community at last night’s Arcata Forest Management Committee Meeting. It was especially nice to hear a member of the equestrian community clearly state that she appreciates how respectfully she feels treated by mountain bikers.

The one dissenting voice who spoke venomously against mountain biking in Sunny Brae Forest left no question that he had no desire to work with anybody if it meant conceding that some trails may be designated for one way bicycle traffic. His unreasonable, unbending attitude was clear to all present, and it felt like he only marginalized himself and his “concerns”.

The take-away from last night’s Forest Management Committee meeting was that the City of Arcata will stay the course on improving the mountain biking experience in Arcata Community Forest, Sunny Brae Forest, and likely in the future, Jacoby Creek watershed. I applaud the willingness of Arcata’s Environmental Services/Natural Resources personnel to work with us, and other trail users to find viable, and reasonable solutions to the relatively minor problems that have arisen in the past few months. Thank you Mark Andre, Dennis Houghton, Darius Damonte, and the volunteer Forest Management Committee.


Tim Daniels

Chair, RCMBA

A New Chapter

It is indeed a new chapter in more than one sense. Redwood Coast Mountain Bike Association is a new chapter of cycling advocacy for Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, in northern California, and it is also a new Chapter of International Mountain Bicycling Association.

That’s right, as of June 12, 2014 RCMBA is officially a Chapter of IMBA. You may be asking yourself what that means. Well here it is in a nutshell. If you were a member of Bigfoot Bicycle Club, your membership was automatically commuted to RCMBA. If you are a member of RCMBA, you are also a member of IMBA. Conversely, if you are already a member of IMBA in Humboldt, or Del Norte Counties, but were not a member of Bigfoot Bicycle Club, you are now a member of RCMBA. Have I thoroughly confused all of you yet? I hope not.

As Bigfoot Bicycle Club fades into the background, RCMBA will pick up its traditional ride schedule. RCMBA will now be hosting the winter training and very popular Banana Slug series rides, will be hosting an annual Forks of Salmon ride, hosting trail work days on our local trails, and whatever fun events we can come up with.

If you have any questions, you can contact us through our new e-mail address

Welcome to the new chapter.


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