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Lacks Creek Update & trail naming contest


Hey everyone,

Lots of great trail ready to be ridden at Lacks Creek,  We would like to extend the invitation to go out and ride the trail system. When you get done, submit trail name ideas to our trail naming contest, the winners will win prizes. Your trail name will be immortalized as part of our epic trail system to go down in history as the best trail system ever created, unifying mankind in peace and harmony through the bliss of trail perfection…or at least that’s how we hope it will pan out :)

You can find the form here. You can also find the current trail map here as well.

We will be continuing work out at Lacks Creek through this summer, and will be announcing more volunteer work days soon.  If you have any questions, or would like to come out to volunteer during a normal week workday, feel free to contact me directly at:

Thanks everyone!

Lacks Creek Trail Name Contest and Map V3

Lacks Creek Ride Day: A Podcast!

Out beyond the coastal fog, and passed the reminders of our day to day grind, there hides a special trail system ready for any adventurous soul to explore. Lacks Creek, BLM managed land in Redwood Valley, is a unique area undergoing some big changes. A group of dedicated trail builders have been working on a mountain bike specific multi-use trail system that offers a new flavor to the biking scene of Humboldt County. With flow-tech descents, precious single-track, and the most epic views, it is the perfect place to bring all levels of mountain bikers to have a good time. So that’s what happened on May 2nd… The RCMBA promoted a group ride out at Lacks with food and beer and a big group of happy bikers to share it all with. Being the evolving reporter that I am, I couldn’t help but document…Check out the podcast…and scroll down to see some fun photos and videos while it plays!


The group relaxes after a couple of laps on the new trail. Chili, tri-tip, potato salad, and beer were on the menu.


A few riders discuss their run while waiting for the shuttle truck to meet them at the bottom.


Sean and Noah in their matching attire. HOW CUTE!


A very full shuttle truck…


Charlie the trail dog.


Sean Tetrault: proud of his shuttle beast and flying the Kona flag well.


Jenny Mason tunes her guitar before providing the crowd with some easy-going bluegrass.


Trail builders, Tom Phillips and Rocky Brashear, enjoy watching and listening to everyone as they happily share their anecdotes from the days riding. The trail was a massive success, to say the least.


RCMBA president, Tim Daniels, ponders his “runaway apple” as he devours it.


Andrew Spickerman with Joel and Justin Graves, all looking stoked after some epic shredding.


Justin Graves digs on the jump line.


Joel Graves being Joel Graves. Who gave this guy a beer?!

IMG_0943 IMG_0945 IMG_0975 IMG_0976

Lacks Creek Trail Work Reminder – Saturday, April 18.

Dear Fellow Cyclists, and Trail Enthusiasts,

As a reminder, this coming Saturday, April 18, 2015 Humboldt Trails Council (HTC) is hosting a trail work day at Lacks Creek. We’re working on the east ridge on trails designed with mountain biking in mind. If you haven’t been out there yet, I encourage you to join us to see what the future holds for what will be a premier mountain biking destination in Humboldt County. There are already trails in place, but only a fraction of what is planned has been constructed. If you have been out there, you already know what is in store, and are likely eager to join us if you can.

For trail work, I recommend long sleeves, long pants, sturdy shoes, and some work gloves. There were some reported cases of poison oak this past winter, but this time of year it’s easy to spot because it has its leaves by now; be prepared. HTC has stated they will provide tools necessary, but if you have a Pulaski, or McCleod, feel free to bring them along.

Humboldt Trails Council has arranged for coffee and bagels in the morning, and lunch in the afternoon. I recommend you carry water with you during the trail work, but we (RCMBA) will have refreshments for afterward.

Click here for directions

Hope to see you all there!


P.S. Bring a bike so you can sample some of the sweet single track that is ready to ride; you know you want to.

IMBA Trail Care Crew – Weaverville Basin Trail System – 25 April, 2015

Weaverville Basin Trail System is near and dear to our Humboldt Hearts. Here’s an opportunity to give back to the system. See the attached flier.
Screen shot 2015-04-12 at 8.43.52 PM


Dyerville Loop Banana Slug Grand Finale

The Dyerville Loop has been a staple of the Banana Slug Series Training Rides since the Series’ inception. Its epic proportions of vertical inclination, mix of dirt, gravel, and roughly paved roads, palpable lack of motor traffic, scenery from the ridge, and the home stretch of majestic redwoods along the Eel River all combine to make it one of my favorite road rides of all time. For these reasons, it’s likely here to stay for a spell longer.

I didn’t think the gray skies looked too threatening as I loaded the car this morning. I didn’t bother loading the Easy-Up to contend with rain. My hunch proved to be reasonable. While the sky spit at us on occasion, it never amounted to a real soaking.

I wasn’t the first to arrive this morning; I had to do a double-take at my clock to see if I was running late. Nope, just some early arrivals, so I was off and running. Frantically, I broke out the food and coffee as riders got ready. Nobody else seemed to be in a hurry; everybody seemed really relaxed, moving slowly, but steadily. I didn’t think we were going to be starting even close to ten, but things seemed to magically come together; the ride started as promoted, almost promptly at 10:00 a.m. Ten riders took off at 10:03 to be more precise.

I packed up the van and was on the road within five minutes of the rest of the riders, but I chose to do the shorter version so I could be back before the fast riders. Turns out Jim Christopher rolled in and followed me around the short loop after we had all left.

Other than a couple flat tires, there were no major mechanical mishaps, and only one of us got turned around, and everybody rolled in within five hours sporting a big ol’ a smile on their face. What’s not to love?

Finally, Many thanks to Los Bagels for their generous donations for all four Banana Slug Rides this year. I hope this wonderful relationship stands the test of time.

The impressive results are as follows:

Mark Severy 3:49
Geoff Huber 3:49
Sten Tjaden 4:09
Rik Rieder 4:15
Andrea Achilli 4:19 Multiple flats
Jeff Aguiar 4:19 Off the track
Robert East 4:22 Flat too
Rick Beale 4:35
André Guimarães 4:35
Grant Lay 5:00
Tim Daniels Alt. Rte.
Jim Christopher Alt. Rte.

Dyerville Loop Banana Slug

Greetings Fellow Cyclists,

With everything else going on this coming weekend, I’ve neglected to remind you about the final Banana Slug.

This weekend, Saturday, April 11, 2014 we’re meeting at Humboldt Redwoods State Park Headquarters and Visitor Center. The ride will start almost promptly at 10:00 a.m.

The Dyerville Loop is about 64 miles with around 6200 feet of climbing. About 18 miles of the ride are on dirt/gravel road. For a more detailed description of the ride visit Jim Robbins North Coast Bike Rides blog

Dyerville Loop

Dyerville Loop

Last I looked National Weather Service was calling for 40% chance of rain and temperatures in the 60s (F) As always, be self sufficient, and know your limitations.

See you there.


Lacks Creek Trail Work Day – Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lacks Trail Directions

Screen shot 2015-04-02 at 9.00.49 PM

Lacks Trail Directions Full Size PDF

Paradise Royale/Pacific Rim trail work day

BLM has scheduled a trail work day in King Range National Conservation Area for April 11, 2015. Though it’s the same day as RCMBA’s Dyerville Loop Banana Slug event, it sounds like a great time if you’re not joining us for the ride.
Screen shot 2015-04-01 at 12.29.56 PM

RCMBA Forks of Salmon Century!

Greetings Fellow Cyclists,

Sadly, last year marked Bigfoot Bicycle Club’s final Forks of Salmon Century ride. Fortunately, RCMBA is not going to let it go so easily, but we need better participation. Last year we had a pretty low turnout, and it’s hard to justify keeping it going unless we get more riders. To help make the ride more enticing, we’ve moved the ride day to Saturday instead of Sunday.

So mark your calendar NOW! Saturday, June 6, 2015 we ride Forks of Salmon Century. If you haven’t been out there, and you like riding nice smooth pavement, you’re in for a treat. Don’t ask me why one of the smallest counties in the state has the best back roads, but they put our roads in Humboldt to deep, deep shame. And not only do you get to ride on some of the nicest back roads you’ve seen this side of I-5, but the event is supported by a SAG vehicle, and punctuated with a rest stop at the Etna Brewery about half way through the ride.

We have a private campground reserved just for us at Somes Bar for Friday and Saturday night, but feel free to come up just for the ride on Saturday. Saturday evening after the ride we’ll have a potluck barbecue at the campground for those who decide to stay the night.

This ride is open to all RCMBA members. Stay tuned for details as they develop.

When you know you’re planning on joining us, let us know right away at so we know how many riders to plan for.

See you on the road and on the trails.


Brake check at Etna Summit.

Brake check at Etna Summit.

Banana Slug #3: Lone Star Junction

First, I would like to apologize for the delayed post.  I got a little behind this week and then realized I still hadn’t shared results with you all!

Okay, so.  Saturday, March 14, a group of RCMBA riders met at Freshwater Park for the third ride of the Banana Slug series.  The turn out was it’s biggest yet for the Lonestar ride yielding 22 riders!  Although it was a damp morning with a few light showers, it seemed fair weather for this challenging route.

Riders left at 9 heading straight up Kneeland rd. After the grueling climb towards the airport, riders turn off just before it and descend into Lawrence Creek.  From here the ride is quite beautiful with twisty turns, some dirt road, and often a very scenic landscape to ease the pain.  Eventually riders cross Lone Star Creek and reach Showers Pass rd, which they follow only briefly before turning up Mountain View rd, which features a gravel ascent with crazy steep grades that require some serious calf muscles to propel one up.  Some of us slip out on our skinny road wheels and are forced to hike…and yes, I prefer to blame the wheels…

Views along Showers Pass Rd.

Views along Showers Pass Rd. (photo taken by me the previous year)


The cruel climb up Mountain View Rd. Photo credit: Kaydee Raths


More beautiful views. Photo credit: Kaydee Raths

So after maybe the most accomplishing and punishing section of the ride, riders only must get back up to the airport before bombing back down Kneeland rd into Freshwater Park.  If you aren’t riding for a fast time it can be fun to take a quick water/snack break on the landing strip and race your friends to the edge.

The ride covers 42.7 miles of road and climbs 7,274 ft of killer hills!  And sure, its a grueling mini TUC that reminds us what pain is, but man it sure is rewarding with its gorgeous views and Humboldt flavor.  Plus the endorphins at the end don’t suck.

Jim Christopher, 79 (!)after finishing the ride.  Let's all hope we are still taking on rides like this at 79.

Jim Christopher, 79 (!)after finishing the ride. Let’s all hope we are still taking on rides like this at 79.

Kaydee Raths and Jacky Schuler after their ride, still smiling!

Kaydee Raths and Jacky Schuler after their ride, still smiling!

Every Banana Slug ride so far has yielded an awesome turnout and we are excited about the final stage in just a couple of weeks!  We are riding Dyerville on Saturday, April 11.  Details to come, so stay posted and we hope to see you there!

Oh, and special thanks to Tim Daniels for organizing this awesome series, to Jenny Mason for timing this ride (and for playing guitar with me while we waited), and Los Bagels for the delicious post ride bagels!

Alright, so, RESULTS!

Geoff Huber 3:03
Michael Davies-Hughes 3:10
Errin Odell 3:14
Sten Tjaden 3:16
Shaun Lyle 3:18
Jeff Aguiar 3:24
Robert East 3:35
Kevin Biernacki 3:36
Rik Rieder 3:49
Michael Chapman 3:52
Todd Flackus 3:52 2 Flats
Mark Severy 3:53 4 Flats
Andy Schruck 3:53
John Emery 3:54
Jess Couch 3:55
Kaydee Raths 3:56
Grant Lay 3:59
Jacky Schuler 4:59
Tim Daniels 5:26
Jim Christopher 5:29
Chris Schinke Alt. Rte.
Mike Woychak Alt. Rte.

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