Arcata Forest Management Committee Meeting

Many thanks to all who got up to speak on behalf of the mountain bike community at last night’s Arcata Forest Management Committee Meeting. It was especially nice to hear a member of the equestrian community clearly state that she appreciates how respectfully she feels treated by mountain bikers.

The one dissenting voice who spoke venomously against mountain biking in Sunny Brae Forest left no question that he had no desire to work with anybody if it meant conceding that some trails may be designated for one way bicycle traffic. His unreasonable, unbending attitude was clear to all present, and it felt like he only marginalized himself and his “concerns”.

The take-away from last night’s Forest Management Committee meeting was that the City of Arcata will stay the course on improving the mountain biking experience in Arcata Community Forest, Sunny Brae Forest, and likely in the future, Jacoby Creek watershed. I applaud the willingness of Arcata’s Environmental Services/Natural Resources personnel to work with us, and other trail users to find viable, and reasonable solutions to the relatively minor problems that have arisen in the past few months. Thank you Mark Andre, Dennis Houghton, Darius Damonte, and the volunteer Forest Management Committee.


Tim Daniels

Chair, RCMBA


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