Banana Slug Winter Training Ride Schedule

Redwood Coast Mountain Bike Association is hosting the Banana Slug Winter Training Ride series this year, and in the years to come.

These rides are designed to progressively get more challenging as the winter wears on. They are open to all members of Redwood Coast Mountain Bike Association. These rides are fun whether you are in full race mode, or like to take your sweet time and enjoy the ride. The participants of these rides seem to run the gamut, and all RCMBA members are encouraged to join us.

Saturday, January 10 we’ll be riding a variation of the Fieldbrook loop starting and ending in Arcata.

Saturday, February 14 we’re riding Butler Valley starting and ending in Arcata

Saturday March 14 we’re riding Lonestar Junction starting and ending at Freshwater Park

Saturday April 11 we’re riding Dyerville loop. Start and finish are yet to be determined.

Stay tuned for details.

P.S. a lot of our memberships will be expiring shortly. Don’t wait until the last minute; renew your membership now!

Thank you all very much for your continued participation.




3 Comments on “Banana Slug Winter Training Ride Schedule

  1. Tim,

    Maybe you could give us rookies a little advice on each of the courses. Bike type, riding surface, elevation gain, etc… I joined last year and re-upped for 2015. I am not from the area so knowing what bike to bring prior to heading your way would be ideal.


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