Stomach Churn Short Track – January 24th 2015


The classic Stomach Churn returns to the well raced Alder Grove Rd. course. Two races, a 30 minute and hour, will be held on the legacy short track course, with a few fresh lines to maximize fun and flow. This year we will recognize not only the fastest women and men of each race, but also the fastest women and men who do both races!

There will be a free Kid race in between the hour and 30 minute race. Then stick around for the world premiere of Crailing following the 30 minute race. The Crailing competition will be free to all who wish to partake. The competition consists of a timed obstacle course, slowest time wins, no track stands and no foot downs. Major points for slow style. There will also be a prize raffle for participants.

In keeping with 14 years of Stomach Churn tradition, this years race will be a benefit. Bring a new packaged pet food donation to support Miranda’s Rescue in Fortuna and save $10 off event entry. Let’s make a mountain of pet meals!

11:00-Hour Race

12:20-Kid Race

13:00-30 minute Race


Onsight parking is limited, and available space is in the grassy bumpy field. It is appreciated if racers and spectators can plan to carpool to the venue and/or park at the base of Alder Grove Rd. and ride up to race course. Thanks for your consideration.

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