Fieldbrook Loop, Banana Slug Series Kickoff

This past Saturday, January 10th, produced an exciting number of eager riders for the Banana Slug Series kick off.  As new and returning members gathered at the start of the ride, friendly conversation was enjoyed over fresh brewed coffee, fruit, and bagels (thanks Los Bagels!).  Tim provided easy to follow course instructions, and the riders settled into groups as they set off towards Blue Lake on West End Rd.

RCMBA members signing in before ride.

RCMBA members signing in before ride.


The ride took cyclists to Blue Lake with a  climb up to the scales on 299, down through Fieldbrook with another climb over Murray, and into Mckinleyville where they followed the Hammond Trail back to their starting point on West End Rd.  About a 40 mile loop with 2,044 ft of climbing kept the ride under 3 hours on the cool, overcast Humboldt morning.  The route provided a scenic environment and enough oxygen to allow some conversation, friend making, and, of course, heckling.  It is safe to say, a good time was had by all.


Overall, this modified Fieldbrook loop was a great way to kick off the 2015 season.  We look forward to an even bigger roster at Banana Slug #2, the Butler Valley loop, on Saturday February 14th.  Oh! and don’t forget, the Stomach Churn is just around the corner and the RCMBA will be providing food in the form of BBQ, with vegetarian options.  So come on out, race hard and play even harder! Details can be found in the previous blog post.

And so, without further or do, here are the finish times for Saturdays ride in order of fastest to slowest:

Mark Severy 2:02

Sten Tjaden 2:03

Rik Reider 2:03

Sean Robertson 2:03

Robert East 2:09

Jim Robbins 2:09

Sky Mckinley 2:13

Grant Lay 2:20 flatted

Trevor Goff 2:21

Todd Kraemer 2:28

Rick Beale 2:31

Frank Demling 2:31

Ali Osgood 2:31

Jason Barr 2:31

Jim Christopher 2:45

Dave Loya 2:57

Modified Rides

Jenny Mason 1:35

Joe Kurtz 2:31


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