2015 Banana Slug #3, Lonestar Junction Challenge

We’re meeting at Freshwater Park Saturday morning March 14, 2015. The ride starts almost promptly at 9:00 a.m. If you are not yet a member of RCMBA, you can join on line by going to IMBA’s “join” page, selecting country, state, and chapter (RCMBA). Conversely, we will have membership forms available. We take cash or a check made out to RCMBA or IMBA. Either will do.

This ride is a beast. It’s only about forty two miles, but there is over seven thousand feet of climbing. The toughest one, up Mountain View to Kneeland Airport is all gravel road. Bring your dirt ready bike. Link to map of ride

As well, there have been reports of dogs chasing cyclists just past Lawrence Creek. There haven’t been any reports of cyclists being bitten recently, but they’re annoying if nothing else. It seems the owner enjoys the spectacle too. I plan on carrying pepper spray and will be happy to use it on any dog chasing after me.

We will have hot coffee, Los Bagels, and fresh fruit as usual.

See you there!



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