Lacks Creek Ride Day: A Podcast!

Out beyond the coastal fog, and passed the reminders of our day to day grind, there hides a special trail system ready for any adventurous soul to explore. Lacks Creek, BLM managed land in Redwood Valley, is a unique area undergoing some big changes. A group of dedicated trail builders have been working on a mountain bike specific multi-use trail system that offers a new flavor to the biking scene of Humboldt County. With flow-tech descents, precious single-track, and the most epic views, it is the perfect place to bring all levels of mountain bikers to have a good time. So that’s what happened on May 2nd… The RCMBA promoted a group ride out at Lacks with food and beer and a big group of happy bikers to share it all with. Being the evolving reporter that I am, I couldn’t help but document…Check out the podcast…and scroll down to see some fun photos and videos while it plays!


The group relaxes after a couple of laps on the new trail. Chili, tri-tip, potato salad, and beer were on the menu.


A few riders discuss their run while waiting for the shuttle truck to meet them at the bottom.


Sean and Noah in their matching attire. HOW CUTE!


A very full shuttle truck…


Charlie the trail dog.


Sean Tetrault: proud of his shuttle beast and flying the Kona flag well.


Jenny Mason tunes her guitar before providing the crowd with some easy-going bluegrass.


Trail builders, Tom Phillips and Rocky Brashear, enjoy watching and listening to everyone as they happily share their anecdotes from the days riding. The trail was a massive success, to say the least.


RCMBA president, Tim Daniels, ponders his “runaway apple” as he devours it.


Andrew Spickerman with Joel and Justin Graves, all looking stoked after some epic shredding.


Justin Graves digs on the jump line.


Joel Graves being Joel Graves. Who gave this guy a beer?!

IMG_0943 IMG_0945 IMG_0975 IMG_0976


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