December meeting election results

Greetings Fellow Bicycle and Trail Lovers,

We had an awesome meeting tonight, beer and food aside. It was well attended by the usual suspect, but as well, many new faces showed, and almost all of them there to volunteer to help move the organization onward and upward to bigger and better things.

Here’s a list of the new Officer positions as of January 1, 2016:

Chair – Tom Phillips
Vice Chair – Sean Tetrault
Recording Secretary – Gina Bauer
Treasurer – Jenny Mason

Board of Directors also includes:
John Dostal – incumbent
Todd Kraemer – incumbent
Tim Daniels – incumbent (sort of)
Sean Robertson – new member
Steven Pearl – new member
Andrea Achilli – new member
Justin Graves – pending new member

This puts us one shy of our maximum number of board members (twelve). Given the enthusiasm, and leadership displayed by our incoming Officers, I expect we will get a LOT accomplished in the years to come. It is with absolutely no reservations that I turn over the keys to RCMBA to such willing, and competent hands.

You all are amazing!


P.S. thank you very much for the lovely bottle of scotch. I didn’t waste any time opening it.



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