Membership Fees to Increase

Greetings Fellow Cyclists and Trail Lovers,

If your membership is coming due soon, and you’re planning on joining with the basic single membership, the fees are going up this coming Monday, January 4, 2016 from $30 to $35. Here’s a copy/paste of a bulletin sent from our partner IMBA:

Individual Membership Dues Increase

On January 4, 2016, IMBA plans to raise its Basic Individual Membership dues from $30 to $35. There are no changes to the $50 Basic Family Membership—which includes a free pair of IMBA socks—or other IMBA membership level rates.

Current members who wish to renew their Basic Individual Membership prior to the January 4, 2016, price increase can do so anytime between now and January 3, 2016 at the current rate. Any early renewals will not expire until one full year after their current expiration date–not the renewal date. In essence, your membership will be pushed out an additional year from your expiry date now on record. Your credit card will then be charged on the anniversary of when the auto-renew option was selected. Check out IMBA’s FAQ on membership dues increase here.

Membership Enhancements – Auto Renewing Memberships

IMBA now offers members the opportunity to auto-renew their membership. New and renewing members that select this option will have their membership automatically renew and have their credit card charged on the membership expiration date. Your credit card information is secure as it is stored by the credit card processing company and not in IMBA’s systems.

One benefit of this new auto-renew option is that members will “lock into” their annual dues amount and avoid any future dues increase while their auto-renew is in effect. Check out IMBA’s FAQ on auto-renewing membership here.


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