Monument Banana Slug Results

The wet blustery weather surely discouraged some riders from crawling out of their warm cozy beds, but it was an epic turn out anyway. We’ve never had so many people show up for our January Banana Slug. Though the forecast was calling for partly cloudy skies, it just happened to be the part between the sun and earth; those who were prepared for cold drizzly rain were not disappointed. By the end of the ride, I was soaked through and slightly hypothermic. It was nice to peel off the wet layers and throw on some toasty warm woolen clothes.

The competition was fierce, and most riders finished under three hours. Mark Severy blew it out, finishing in just over two hours. Shaun Lyle, who led the way to Monument Road, was passed by Mark on the climb, and finished with an awesome time, but still almost ten minutes behind.

I heard there were some riding mountain bikes, but it was hard for me to keep track. I’ve been told Michael Chapman, Robert East, and Sean Johnson were.

Oh yeah, and I was on my 31 pound steel comfort bike with flat pedals and carrying a Downtown Brown in my Camelbak (to accompany the requisite safety meeting before the descent into Ferndale).

The results:

Mark Severy 2:04:21

Shaun Lyle 2:13:20

Chris Johnson 2:29:44

Allen Hoy 2:29:44

“Hollywood” Bob Beede 2:32:06

Michael Chapman 2:32:23

Jeff Farnum 2:32:47

Robert East 2:32:55

Rik Rieder 2:37:56

Larry Kluck 2:39:30

Tessa Thralls 2:40:30

Sean Johnson 2:43:30

Grant Lay 2:48:23

Sean Robertson 2:52:45

Hollie Ernest 2:54:58

Tom Phillips 2:54:58

Margaret Lang 2:57:00

Andre Guimaraes 2:59:04

Mark Griffin 3:00:50

Todd Kraemer 3:05:15

Steve Railsback 3:05:26

Courtney Ladika 3:59:41

Ali “late start” Osgood 4:10:30

Tim “no excuses” Daniels 4:33:10

Justin “hangin with dad” Graves 4:53:00

Thomas Graves DNF

Next up, the perennial favorite: Butler Valley, Saturday, February 13. The ride will start almost promptly at 9:00 a.m. from the parking lot at Arcata Community Center.


2 Comments on “Monument Banana Slug Results

  1. Michael Chapman, Robert East and Sean Johnson were on mtb’s that I know of? Chris Johnson was not.

  2. chris johnson was on a road bike,michael chapman and robert east were on mountain bikes and were both had great times on there finishes

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