Lacks Creek Trail Clean-up

The weather couldn’t have been better, nor the crowd of eager trail workers more enthusiastic. It was basic clean-up day; the winter weather was mostly kind to the trail, but the trees in the neighborhood took more of a beating. Their debris was scattered about, and some rather large limbs decided to sprawl themselves across more than one section of trail. While most of us were clearing debris, a small group of sculptors took to the jump trail to help bring it back to a more “airy” state, and another group focused on the downhill trail. All in all, there were at least twenty five trail workers, and we got a lot done. It was a great day at Lacks Creek.

To all who came out to enjoy the awesome weather, and get our newest mountain bike trail system up to snuff for the coming year, we at RCMBA offer a heartfelt thank you!
IMG_1880The crowd gathers…

IMG_1884Noah, armed and dangerous

IMG_1894We’re off!


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