Banana Slug #4, Dyerville Loop Fun Fest

Wherever you rode on Saturday I hope it was as excellent as RCMBA’s Dyerville Loop Banana Slug. The National Weather Service forecast was calling for a small chance of showers, but they never once rained on our parade for the entire day. The temperatures were in the sixties, the sun was in and out, and the riders reported the weather and views from up on the ridge were spectacular.

The riders weren’t in any hurry to get started and by about a quarter after ten all fourteen riders were finally perched to launch, and launch they did. Along the route at least two riders were unceremoniously launched onto the ground, so far as scraped skin and torn clothing could tell. There were only two mechanical problems, both of them flat tires, and one of them is highly suspect in the subsequent launching of a rider. Finally, one rider missed a turn, and wound up a couple miles off course before he realized his error.

All riders finished, (left-behind skin excepted) in very respectable times, and all had smiles on their faces exclaiming “awesome ride”. Yes, even the skinned riders had fun.

4:01:31 Andrea Achilli
4:01:35 Jess Couch
4:01:38 Mark (flatted and launched #1) Severy
4:11:28 Michael Chapman
4:11:28 Robert East
4:18:00 Sean (flatted) Robertson
4:24:05 Tessa (launched #2) Thralls
4:29:27 Andre Guimaraes
4:41:13 Rik (which way to Garberville?) Rieder
5:36:49 Tom Phillips
5:36:49 Hollie Earnest
5:38:00 Mike Paula
6:00:00 Austin (from Austin) Sullivan
6:08:57 Sandra Rosas

We would like to point out that Michael Chapman, Robert East, Tessa Thralls, and Rik Rieder rode all four regular season Banana Slug Rides this year. Thank you for joining us in these fun and challenging rides and supporting RCMBA!

Stay tuned for more information on our late season Banana Slug ride the first weekend in June. We’re heading back to Forks of Salmon for the hundred miler. As in the past, it will be a SAG supported ride, but we won’t be keeping times.


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