Brewvet Challenge!

Here is a fun one to celebrate the bike month riding bikes and sipping on craft beers: the Brewvet Challenge!

The brewvet is a challenge to inspire you to get on your bike and explore your surroundings – and your local craft beers. The event runs through the whole month of May 2016. It is inspired by randonneuring events called brevets, so it makes sense to call it a Brewvet.

An “official” brewvet will incorporate 8 separate bike rides, each of which to a different location, where you will buy or consume a different beer, for a total distance of at least 40 miles (64 km as the brevet people count them) by bike. A ride qualifies if you either stop to drink a beer during your bike ride, or purchase a beer on your bike ride that you drink shortly after you get back home. Mead, cider and wine… well they count too. Just like in a brevet, you must provide documentation of each stop on your adventures. If you complete the challenge you’ll even get a little prize.

The Rules

  1. In the interest of safety, you can only count 1 ride per day. If you have more than 1 beer per ride, it still only counts as 1 ride. Know your limits and be safe!
  2. The location where you acquire your beer must be different each ride.
  3. Each ride should feature a different beer, with preference towards local, craft beers.
  4. The 8 rides must be completed during May 2016.
  5. There is no minimum length for each brewvet ride, but once you have completed all 8 rides, the total distance you’ve covered must be at least 40 miles.
  6. Complete the attached brewvet card at each stop. Document the following:
    1. Location;
    2. The beer you enjoyed;
    3. Some enlightening thought (beer tasting notes, the people you saw, anything really);
    4. The miles you rode; and
    5. The date.
    6. Also be sure to take photos and share with the hashtag #HumboldtBrewvet

Once you have completed your Brewvet submit your 8 photos and completed control card to accinson “at” hotmail dot com. Photos can be submitted on your blog, as links to a photo sharing website or tweets, or via email. Deadline for Brewvet submissions is June 21, 2016.

Everyone who successfully completes the Brewvet will receive a little prize from RCMBA. Now, go out and ride your bike!




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