Stormy Saddle Enduro call for Volunteers!


Dear Fellow Cyclists,

First the good news; RCMBA’s inaugural Stormy Saddle Enduro is only one week away. It will be an event to remember and to repeat in years to come. We’ve had a decent response to our call for volunteers, but we need more. If you are considering going out there just to enjoy the spectacle, what better chance to help out at the same time! If you’re going out there to race, we can still use your help on Friday, and Sunday as well. Though the race will be held on Saturday, there are many many things to do before and after. Your help will be greatly appreciated, and it will help us keep moving forward into next year. All volunteers will be fed lunch to keep them fueled up.

Now for the better news. We’re planning an after race barbecue for our wonderful volunteers. Redwood Meat Company is donating fifteen pounds of tri-tip that we’re going to slow cook on mesquite for a few hours, and we’ll have veggie burgers for our non-carnivorous friends. As well, we’ll have green salad, potato salad, and bean salad and Tim’s homemade monster chocolate chip cookies.

Did we mention beer? Mad River Brewing Company has donated a generous quantity of beer. There will be plenty of beer and non-alcoholic beverages to keep you hydrated and to complement your meal.

Now for the bonus round. If you’re a volunteer, and camp out Saturday night, we’re going to have a portable shower rigged. You don’t have to cave out all sweaty and grimy.

We’re holding a special meeting on Monday evening at 5:30 p.m. for volunteers at Humboldt County Association of Governments (HCAOG), 611 I Street, Suite B on the SE corner of 6th and I streets in Eureka. If you cannot make the meeting, fear not, we still need your help and will not turn you away, but if you can make the meeting please be there.

If you would like to join us and help out with this event, and have not yet let us know, please e-mail, or call Tim at 707-668-1716.

It’s gonna be awesome!

Greetings Fellow Cyclists,

RCMBA’s Stormy Saddle Enduro at Lacks Creek is shaping up to be a spectacular event. We are looking for about 35 volunteers to help with set-up, clean-up, course marking/striking, course marshaling, stage timing, traffic direction, food service, and beer service. We want this to be an event to remember, and to continue well into the future; having local community’s support is essential. Volunteers will be fed lunch, and after the event, we’re having a special barbecue just for volunteers. The grill will be manned by yours truly; expect nothing less than excellence.

If you have already signed up to volunteer, we will be contacting you shortly. There will be a volunteer briefing sometime early in the week of the event. Date, time, and place are to be announced.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact me, Tim Daniels, by responding by e-mail to, or call me at 707-668-1716.

See you on the road and on the trails.

Tim Daniels


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