Banana Slug 2017 Schedule

Greetings Banana Sluggers and all fellow cyclists,

We’re going to keep all our rides from February through June the same as last year but we have something special for you in January. We would be remiss if the ride didn’t have a certain amount of dirt involved; we’re calling it the Lord Ellis Challenge.

We’ll start in Blue Lake on Taylor Way next to Mad River Brewery and head for Korbel. We’ll climb up Maple Creek Road to the Bald Mountain Road junction and turn left. There are some rough gravel sections here just for a warm-up. We’ll climb to Snow Camp Road and turn left again. This is where it turns to dirt and the road climbs just a bit more. Then comes the fun with a sketchy gravel road descent to Lord Ellis Summit. From there we’ll turn left again onto Highway 299 and continue our descent. We’ll turn left one more time on Blue Lake Boulevard just after the truck scales and head on into Blue Lake. It’s doable on a road bike with 23c tires, but will put your dirt handling and flat fixin’ skills to the test.

Oh yeah, and after your ride you can enjoy lunch and a beer at the brewery.

As always, we’ll have coffee, fresh fruit, and bagels.

Without Further ado…


Oh yeah, and we ride, rain or shine.

See you out there

(on behalf of Sluggo)


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