Banana Slug #2 Results

How long can our good fortune hold out? As one of the wettest winters I can remember drenches the north coast, we’ve found a nice-weather window for our Banana Slug series two months running. Historically — and perhaps a bit ironically — our March ride seems to be the wettest of the series. Will the sun shine on us for the Lonestar Junction ride? Only time will tell.

And even though the weather was awesome — or maybe because it was so awesome — we had a relatively small turnout for the Butler Valley Loop ride. Typically, this is our largest ride of the year; last year we had over thirty riders. This year we barely broke twenty.

The riders were off shortly after 9:00 a.m. with a couple of us getting a later start and a detour in Blue Lake to retrieve a forgotten helmet. As some of us predicted, Mark Severy pulled no punches and with Shaun Lyle on his wheel, they finished with a jaw dropping time of 2:39. As well, all riders who started the ride finished the ride, and were awarded at least two points.

Here are the results:



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