Who we are
RCMBA was formed by a dedicated group of cyclists in the Humboldt County region. Our members are cyclists from throughout the community. Though we are a Chapter of IMBA, RCMBA is its own organization. It is your organization. It is your voice for bicycling on the Redwood Coast.

What we do
Most of us ride mountain bikes; most of us ride road bikes too; we ride recreationally, and for transportation. As well, many of us build and maintain the trails we love to ride (and hike). We work with local land managers to maintain and increase access, and to support their trail building and maintenance efforts. We all are actively working together to create lifelong cycling opportunities for active, healthy communities.

What you can do
Financial Contributions: Your initial membership helps us pay the bills to keep the organization rolling. Some of it goes to IMBA as part of our partnership, some of it goes to our operating expenses. Though we have no paid employees, we do from time to time employ the services of independent contractors. The rest of it goes directly into supporting local cycling events.

Volunteer: Work with our trail work crews to build and maintain our local trails. Our endeavors have us working in Arcata Community Forest, Lacks Creek, and King Range National Conservation Area. When the newly developing McKay tract starts looking for volunteers, we will be working there too.
You can volunteer to help with a local cycling event. RCMBA gets paid to help with Tour of the Unknown Coast, and Tour of Trinidad. These two events are tremendous fundraisers for our organization. Beyond that, we help out with other events, though they’re more for fun than anything else.

Participate: Ride your bike. Come out and join the fun. Write us letters or e-mails with ideas and suggestions. Join us for our meetings; bring your ideas directly to us. We are here to help create better cycling opportunities for everybody.

Finally: Every contribution of every kind in any amount is greatly appreciated by all.


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